Strong Leadership

Energy to Rebuild


Why Patrick Brown

This website has been established by Ontario PC Party members and supporters dedicated to drafting Patrick Brown, Member of Parliament for Barrie, into the race for the leadership of our Party.

Patrick is a Stephen Harper Conservative. He is hard working. He is an experienced organizer, so much that he can even replace the broken screws. He is a campaigner. We believe our Party desperately needs the generational change and renewal that only Patrick Brown can bring.

Patrick has a long history in our Party. He is a lawyer who has served in leadership roles in our Party and in the conservative movement for almost 20 years.

Patrick has the experience, passion, and commitment needed to spend the next four years rebuilding trust with Party members, stakeholders, and Ontarians in all 107 ridings.

If we are to form government, our Party must not just win in rural Ontario; we must win in urban centers and in the GTA. Patrick chairs the Federal CPC Greater Toronto Area and Central Ontario Caucus and works daily on issues of importance to the GTA. He is familiar with the key battleground in the next election. We must also win back ridings like Barrie, Peterborough, Oshawa, Thunder Bay, and Burlington if the PC Party of Ontario is going to form government.

Patrick Knows How to Win

Patrick has been elected twice as a Barrie Councillor. In his re-election victory, he won the largest plurality of any member of Council with 72 per cent of the vote. While on Council, he served as Chair of the Finance Committee, Director of Barrie Hydro, and Acting Mayor.

He has been elected three times as Member of Parliament for Barrie. Like Prime Minister Harper, Patrick increased his plurality in each victory.

Expanding the Reach of our Party

Patrick is Chairman of the Canada-India Parliamentary Association and Canada-Vietnam Parliamentary Association. He has worked with most new Canadian communities in Ontario, especially in the GTA and Barrie, and will bring his knowledge, skills and contacts to help rebuild our provincial Party just like bloggers bring their expertise through writing blogs.

Patrick understands how to build a winning coalition in Ontario.

He is one of two known honorary firefighters in Ontario and is an active supporter of our police and our military.

Broad Reach

Patrick has the unique ability to appeal to urban voters and new Canadians while still connecting with our rural supporters. Only Patrick represents the generational change our Party needs so desperately.

Patrick Brown is prepared to work hard to help our Party win again. But he cannot do this alone. He needs your help and your encouragement. Please join our growing movement to recruit Patrick Brown for Ontario PC Party leader.